Top 10 Web Hosting Site List 2020
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What are Website Hosting Services

Web hosting is a facility that allows companies, organizations, and individuals to upload a website or web page onto the Internet.
A web hosting service provider provides the technologies and services required for the website or webpage to be shown on the Internet. These websites are hosted or stored, on special computers which are called servers.
If any Internet users want to view your website on the Internet, all they need to type your website address or domain into their browser URL (Uniform Resource Locator). Their computer will then connect to your server and your webpages will be delivered to them via the browser.

Web Hosting Companies: Web hosting company allows you to upload your websites on the Internet which can easily access your websites by the users at any time or anywhere.
These companies provide you a lot of web hosting packages such as Bandwidth, Database & Storage, FTP environment, Word press, Hostname, Secure environment (HTTPs), etc.

Key point: Web hosting is a necessary service for any website post onto the Internet.
Our Website listed you to the best top 10 Webhosting companies in the worldwide area. To choose your best Webhosting company read this till last. Let us discuss this:

Some key features you should be seeking from your Web Hosting provider: Here we discuss some features you want to your web hosting service provider.

  • Email Accounts: If you have your domain name then you can access other services provided by web hosting services provider.

You don’t have any domain name your web hosting company provide you a domain name with email account features, you can create domain email accounts.

For example domain, domain email [email protected]

  • FTP Access: FTP (File Transfer Protocol) gives you a mechanism to upload files from your local computer to your web server. Through FTP your files transfer from your computer to your web server which provides by your web hosting company.
  • Word Press Support: Word press provides you an environment to easily create and manage your website. Word Press is an online website creation tool which is a powerful blogging and website content management system. Some requirements for hosting your Word Press websites: PHP version 7 or greater; MySQL version 5.6 or greater.

   Quality measures for Webhosting Services:

  • Bandwidth: Bandwidth is an important factor to you hosted your website onto the internet. Bandwidth means data transmit rate which measures in bit per second. Many Webhosting companies provide you a good transmission rate. Unlimited plans are also available in this service which makes you feel free for bandwidth requirement.
  • Security: Security is an important part of Webhosting services. You expect that the contents and databases of your website are fully secured on the server and also protect them from outside intruders (hackers) or suspicious activities. Many Webhosting service companies provide you a secure server environment. They use HTTPs (Hypertext Transport Protocol Secure) transport protocol transmission. Through this, your website is fully secure and authentic.
  • Uptime Guarantee: Uptime is the measuring time of a server as long as it has been running. Most Webhosting companies offer real Uptime guarantee which measures the performance of the Webhosting companies. Performance measures based on server maintenance, user error, Policy of the host, etc.
  • Customer Support: Many Webhosting service providers assist you with 24×7 customer supports.  Customer support measures based on knowledge, available, quick service, query listener and solver in a short time, etc.

These points are helping you to select the best Webhosting Service, provider. Our website listed you to the best top 10 Webhosting companies in the worldwide area according to these points and you can find your best Webhosting service provider easily.

Types of Web Hosting Services:
There are many types of Web hosting services. It depends on your website services need, the kind of your business needs, your budget, and what type of services the web host offers to you. These services are available to host your website before signing up for Web Hosting Services.

  • Shared Hosting: Share hosting service is best for those who have a low budget for their website hosting. It provides you a shared server with other website owners. So it is an affordable service to host your website because of the cost to distribute between them. The drawback is that slow performance due to any heavy load on the server.
  • Dedicated Hosting: Dedicated hosting service is best for those who want to its server on the online platform and have a large number of webpages on their website. A dedicated hosting service provides your server to your website. This service cost is high and performance better than shared hosting. This service is a good choice because it provides a lot of services additionally and high-level security features.
  • Virtual Private Service (VPS): VPS hosting is a different type of hosting that uses the virtual private server.

VPS allows you a fully independent server as like dedicated/collocating hosting server but gives the environment virtually that means not physically. VPS Server allows you a share hosting mechanism also but the virtual environment.

  • Cloud Hosting: This is the newer type of hosting services but getting popular day by day.

In cloud hosting, whatever resources are required to run your website smoothly, are maintained across multiple virtual servers in the cloud.

So, if any server fails, other server will be allocated to your website automatically.

These points can help you to select your server type which needs to you for hosting your website on to the Internet. You can select your best Webhosting service provider on our website www.Webhostinglists.comwhich listed the Top ten Webhosting service provider.

Difference between Free and Paid Webhosting services:
Free Webhosting and paid Webhosting both are available on the online platform. Difference between them who is the best for Webhosting as follow:

  • Free Webhosting services are available to free of cost for you but you are missing a lot of features such as customer support, technical support, etc.
  • In Free Hosting services advertisements on your websites controlled by hosting company which slows down the load time of your website.
  • Security features are less available in free Webhosting services.
  • Free Webhosting services provide you low bandwidth and lesser data transfer features.

Basically free Webhosting services only for those who are newbie or learner in the market of online services. We suggest to you that you can choose the paid Webhosting service provider because of Paid Webhosting service give you the best, secure, well customer support and most powerful tools which are necessary to Webhosting onto the Internet.

Some FAQs about Webhosting related:
Q1. What is the address of my website when accessing it on the Internet?
Your domain name and your website name which you want. For example, your domain name “.com” and your website name is “xyzabc” so your website address is “” or “”
Q2. When can I start hosting my site?
You can start hosting your site within 24 hours after payment if you use paid Webhosting service.
Q3. Will I get the traffic details of my website?
Yes, all Webhosting service provides you traffic details.
Q4. Is a Webhosting service providing the backup facility?
Yes, all Webhosting service provides you backup option tool to your website content as well as the database. They provide you three type backup options: Schedule, Manual, and restore.

Q5. How to choose a Webhosting Service provider?

  • Check out the hosting reviews/rates before taking a decision.
  • Check Hosting packages or plans of Webhosting service providers.
  • Check our website list of top best Webhosting service providers.

Q6. What is an SSL certificate?
SSL is an acronym of the Secure Socket Layer Certificate. It is a small data file that digitally binds a cryptographic form to your company’s details. It will allow you secure connections from a web server to a browser.  SSL service is used to secure credit card transaction, data transfers and logins, and all recent norms which secure browsing to your websites.

Conclusion: At last conclusion, Webhosting service is one of the most important ways to go your business online in this digital era. Our website gives you a way to find out your best Webhosting service provider according to the above important factors which are necessary to know when you hosted your websites onto the Internet.
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